• Image of 2 LAZY BOYS-"Didya Know That" Cassette


released February 10, 2017 On DEIMOS RECORDS

Rizzy wrote and sang all these songs while playing a ukulele (little G-tar)

Cole Gates sang a bit too, but also played guitar and wrote the bass lines wasted at 3 am on the spot (big G-tar)

Ian Buddy pressed record a bunch then played piano and slide guitar (sideways G-tar) and hit a boxes n stuff for percussion. His cat, Butt Boogers!!!! helped too.

Back up vocals by the "secret weapon", Hannah J. Knight on "On the Rag" and "Santa Monica" and maybe another one or something.

People trying to get a handle on 8th and Campbell: Jenny, Emily, Emily's tall cousin, HJK, Burnout and even Butt Boogers.

Danielle O'Malley did the album cover and Steve-O did the mastering.

Tape Layout by Brandi Valenza

Didya know that?


1. Happy Times 02:38
2. Walking 02:52
3. On The Rag 02:19
4. I'll Remember You 02:59
5. Santa Monica 03:34
6. Read To Me 01:44
7. Where Does The Sun Go? 01:41
8. Windowsill 03:03
9. Why Don't You Decide 02:48