• Image of SWIFTUMZ - "Everybody Loves Chris" CASSETTE

Burger Records

The second full-length from the Bay Area indie-pop masterclass that is Swiftumz.

Critical praise:

"Proof that there are still great things coming out of the Bay Area that don’t involve your smartphone. Seems like a big fan of Polo by Ralph Lauren, too, and I appreciate that." - Doug Mosurock, Still Single

RECORD OF THE WEEK: "On Everybody Loves Chris, the titular Chris McVicker has stepped up his game on every possible level, crafting a stoned mix of stuck-in-your-head pop hooks, saccharine love songs that you want to play over and over again, and Ariel Pinkish bedroom lo-fi weirdness. Did we mention wanting to play them over and over again? This record is seriously difficult to not start right up again after it ends.
By the time we finished track three on the first listen, this was pretty much automatically a Record Of The Week, bringing to mind Teenage Fanclub power pop, Guided By Voices, and maybe even the more sunshine-y Sparklehorse tracks out there." - aQuarius Records

1. Willy 03:26
2. Creepy Eyed Girls 02:14
3. Waste Away 04:39
4. Come My Way 02:05
5. Taste The Gray 04:12
6. Not Losing Sleep 03:20
7. Travels With Charlie 01:26
8. Walter's Song 02:57
9. Ladybird 02:35
10. Wasted 01:11
11. Forever 03:50