• Image of LIL' RUNT - "Goodbye Burrito Bridge" LP

Left Off The Dial

Firmly planted in East Bay punk, this is a beautiful mess of angry, raw crust-pop that's as fun and catchy as it is fucking disgusting. It's in the neighborhood of This is My Fist, Astrid Oto, and Allergic To Bullshit with an emphasis on the wild, sloppy and pissed. Sometimes they sound like Drunken Boat, but a little faster and with less structure and more bite. Julia's vocals are especially ferocious. They're written with melody, but delivered with intensity and rage

A1 Outta Here
A2 Waiting Game
A3 Street Spirit
A4 Bc-19
B1 New Method
B2 Pay Wot You Can
B3 Chode
B4 New Eyes