Released 2009 on Sugar Mountain Records SM-002
Recorded by Brian Hamilton
Mastered By George Horne

A1- Arsonist 2:30
A2- Lurch 5:09
A3- Hard Lovin Van 2:59
A4- Population Control 2:16
A5- Surfs Up 2:09
B1- Rivers Edge 3:19
B2- I:V.V.E.T.C. 3:29
B3- II: Tazed And Confused 2:29
B4- III: Don't Taze Me, Bro 2:04
B5- Hessians Revenge 2:54
B6- The Call

Jack Murphy-guitar, vocals, keyboard
Rachael Reichert-bass gutar
Brian Hamilton-drums, keyboard

“...Just like their live set, the album is a blast (of distortion, among other things). Sometimes slow and sludgy, equally often full of frenzied jamming, Illuminati House Party is pure metal-punk underground awesome, with more than a few nods to classic rock catchiness. PIGS traffic in Black Sabbathy riffs (most definitely in ‘Lurch’), their songs furthermore having plenty of rollicking swing to 'em a la both Sabbath and Sleep. The guitarist constantly peels off tangly, widdly leads like they're coming back into style. All the tracks here (11 of 'em) rule, from the sick-o smartassery of ‘Hard Lovin' Van,’ a song with gnarly Ginnish licks and hoarse, strangled vox that could almost be an old Tad tune (some of the lyrics: ‘let's go the lake, and feed the ducks...get in the van, take the candy’), to the even more punk ‘Population Control,’ to the wasted doom of ‘Hessian's Revenge’ and sheer shred of ‘Surf's Up.’ And then there's the epic instrumental 3-part rifftastic ‘Taser Trilogy’ wherein Pigs show off their Champsy chops, not to mention stoner sense of humor (and not for the first time on this record). Yeah, great stuff! Is it possible to imagine an unholy hybrid of, um, Electric Wizard, Breadwinner, and, er, Pissed Jeans?? Pigs might be it...”—Aquarius