• Image of BITTER FRUIT - "It Gets Worse" CD

Vetoxa Records

Before "it gets better," it usually gets worse... and Oakland-based queer death rockers Bitter Fruit are here to provide the soundtrack for kids who are sick of the party. Angry, loud, and heavy as hell, Bitter Fruit has been described as sounding like "Andi Sex Gang singing for early Christian Death." Their debut album, recorded live in one of the last DIY venues in the vanishing San Francisco underground, confronts the shadows cast by a newly "integrated" community - abuse, objectification, exclusion, betrayal, and perhaps worst of all, corporate sponsorship. Featuring the hit "Rainbow," It Gets Worse is an instant punk rock classic.


1. My Secret Thoughts

2. Pathetic Narcissus

3. Serial

4. Flowers

5. Poor Pee

6. Rainbow

7. Daddylust

8. Daydreaming

9. Kill Me

10. Saddlesore