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Copyright 2017 by Gregory Keith Philips Jr.

This Book is an amazing read, we at Deimos can't put it down, here is a description in the authors own words:

"Mombasa Radio Radio is a collection of events that occurred under a full blown schizophrenic episode. Stories and events voices told me had happened during my past life. I supposedly lived out this book, hunted Nergal in Cambodia, died was transported into the making of Pink Floyd’s The Wall and then born in Flint, MI 1982. This is most likely not true, but I believed every word. This is the Story of Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner and is one of many stories voices told me. This book contains strong inappropriate language, and sensitive situations. Voices are highly intelligent, very creative and incredibly disturbing. I do not believe this to be the work of a subconscious, but beings from another plane of existence. I was in a full blown schizophrenic episode for two years. This book is a collection notes that happened during the years of 2013 through 2016 compiled, and turned into story format. This is what the voices called Lucifer’s fall from grace"

Case File: Author
Gregory Keith "Soup" Phillips
High School Dropout
Teenage Runaway
American "Hobo"

First Edition Signed Copy
122 Pages
Dimensions (inches) 4.25 wide x 6.88 tall

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