• Image of TRASH VAMPIRES- "Not Anger, Anxiety" CASSETTE

Self Released

Recorded at Different Fur Studios

This release is so new we just picked it up at their release show last night so there is not very much internet info on this album... UNTIL NOW. This record is 90s style heavy pop music at absolute perfection. At first listen you can tell right away it was recorded at Different Fur Studios as the production quality is huge (think post fame Nirvana) with gigantic heavy guitars, scratchy but still easy on the ears vocal harmonies. The songs alternate between gentle sweet moments and blistering punk riffs seamlessly and without effort. Mark Gee sings and screams his heart out on this one. It's hard to pick a favorite song off this one but "Daisy Two Chains" got played a few times in a row.

1. Kimberly 02:19
2. Fine China 03:35
3. Daisy Two Chains 02:45
4. 666 Protein Shake 02:01
5. Man Of Wax 03:08
6. Rubix Dude 04:08
7. Adopt Your Dog 03:34
8. Walk Your Dog 03:18