• Image of OVVL - "Self Titled" LP/CASSETTE
  • Image of OVVL - "Self Titled" LP/CASSETTE

OWL s/t LP

"I use the phrase "rock n' roll" fairly frequently, describing everything from grimy crust-punk to swaggering, blaring death metal. This time, however, the band in question call up what is perhaps the most true instance of me describing something as "rock n' roll" in many many reviews. The album I'm looking at is the self titled full-length of San Fransisco Sabbath-enthusiasts Owl, released late last year, and filled to the brim with rocking goodness." - Heavy Metal Spotlight

"The Owl reveal a tremendous ability to write the big riff, which seems to pour out of them like spotlight and beer induced sweat, paying homage to hard rock of all eras, especially the 70s without suppressing their own individual personality as a band. The best way I can describe their sound more specifically than hard rock is to call it prog punk and if you think that's an oxy moron and the combination wouldn't work then this band will make a fool of you." - Paranoid Hitsophrenic

1. Gypsy River 01:40
2. Medicine Mirror 04:35
3. Glaurung 10:29
4. Demon Ride 01:53
5. The Chylde and the Clowne 02:40
6. Snake-Eyed Goblion Woman 04:49
7. Thunder in the Sea 13:58