• Image of BUCKY SINISTER- "Sensitive Badass" LP

Post-Consumer Records

''It's raw, but not all Bukowski and Kerouac. It's more like if you found out that your always interested and compassionate best friend is also a super-good writer. Oh, Sensitive Badass? Favorite track: My Date With Wonder Woman' - Jeremy Miller

1. Drowning on God's Urine 02:21
2. Little Known Facts About Angels, or How the Dinosaurs Really Died 02:25
3. NASCAR and Nothingness 05:21
4. The Loudest Fastest Abraham Lincoln Poem Ever 01:16
5. Elegy for the Old Hunt's 05:38
6. My Date With Wonder Woman 03:27
7. Anatomy of the Pit 03:30
8. A Sunday Like Most Others 03:40
9. The Little Monster Poems 04:31
10. The Alternate Universe of Bruce Wayne 03:36