• Image of HAZZARDS CURE- "Smoke, Iron, Plunder" CASSETTE

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Justin Weis
Trakworx, South San Francisco, CA April 2015
Assisted by Avinash Mittur

Cover painting, Hazzard’s Cure Logo: Lukas Krieg
Graphic design: Clint Baechle
©2016 Lummox Records, Old Goat Records, Goat Hell Records

Hazzard's Cure play a wizardly hodgepodge of bearded stoner metal, gritty sludge, and blackened thrash with some truly ripping guitars. ...A cohesive and thoughtfully constructed slab of metal.
-The Living Doorway

1. Master Of Heathens 03:28
2. An Offering 05:21
3. Hewn In Sunder 04:50
4. No Hope 05:09
5. Sirens Wail 05:16
6. War Pipe 02:39
7. Gracious Host 03:46
8. This Is Hell 06:44