• Image of NOPES- "Stapler"

The Stapler is a smash success! Nopes Incorporated have out done themselves again with The Nopes Incorporated Stapler Product.
July 2018
D.I. 00D (Discontinuous Distribution).

A1 Lean 2:52
A2 Checkpoint 1:28
A3 Throwing Rocks 1:29
A4 Part Time Greeter 0:30
A5 Exhaust Me 1:56
A6 Take One 1:13
A7 A Maze 1:06
A8 Ashby Bart 0:51
A9 Restless 1:58
A10 Hedonistic Living 2:02
B1 You've Got A Frenemy 2:23
B2 Hammer 2:15
B3 Presidents' Day Telethon 0:52
B4 Immersion 2:10
B5 Squares 1:55
B6 Grinning 3:44
B7 Frequencies Of Shit 0:57
B8 Bullseye 1:07
B9 Glaze 3:15

The Stapler can staple up to 15 sheets of 20-lb paper. This "Standard", yet reliable stapler, is great for everyday use. Includes an antimicrobial agent built in to inhibit growth of harmful microbes. Finally, opening the unit is a breeze for easy staple replacement. Tacking has never been more optimal!