• Image of MISTER SALTY - "Tobacco Road" CD

Mister Salty been around the block a few times and lived up in all four corners of America. He uses ancient equipment covered in cat hair and it can't connect to a computer but he just got a new tape deck, so if you got TDK capabilities... Started beatin' and rhymin' back in the Berkeley/Oakland youngish times, then Beantown, then Seattle, now back to the Bay. Rhymes on paper. He likes drugs

1. Cheers! 03:07
2. Why I Really Smoke 04:12
3. Cliche Souffle 03:36
4. Typical Workday 03:14
5. The Cut-Ups 03:59
6. Portraits of the Unemployed 02:37
7. Bright Leaves feat. Shortrock 03:14
8. The Diamond Blings from Many Angles 03:09
9. Typical Sick Day 02:41
10. Tobacco Road 04:08
11. Cosmic Trigger 04:31
12. Twentysomething feat. Red Fox 03:50
13. Some 'Ole Irreverent Shit 03:54
14. Freedom of Tweak 10:34

Beats on Tracks 1 - 7 produced by Stay Fresh w / additional samples and stuff from Salty. All turntable cuts by the illustrious Shortrock of Uncommon and Paramanu Recordings. Recorded at Salty's house in Malden, MA and mixed by ReCaaLL the Albatross at his house in Chelsea, MA. Cover layout assistance by Jay Tre.

This pseudo-concept album was recorded in a dusty bedroom in my house in Malden, Massachusetts, using kind of shitty equipment and under the influence of various ill thoughts and chemicals. It's meant to be taken as a sort of homage to all my favorite rap tapes from the 1990's that were recorded in people's houses and sold at spots like Amoeba Records in Berkeley, CA, back when I was a teenager.

This is all presented in the chronological order in which it was recorded. Stay Fresh did the first seven beats and I did those songs when I was a heavy smoker. Then I quit smoking and did the next seven beats and songs when I was trying not to smoke and feeling generally uncomfortable. Somewhere along the line of doing the second half of songs I kind of got into cigarettes again, so I guess we're back to square one. But for the sake of conceptuality, let's just pretend the first half of the tape is "Smokey Salty" and the second half is portraying "Quitty Salty". Works better that way, no?

Shit was busted over the months of February 2006 to February 2008, primarily in the times of winter. Without a motherfucking doubt dedicated to the loving memory of Dory "Tourette" Ben-Shalom, whose rock shines immortal in the hearts of anyone who knows him. Legends, baby...